Luca Lavuri


uca Lavuri, pianist and organist, was born in 1991. A versatile and polyhedric musician, he devotes himself actively to his repertoire in the broadest possible fields. From ancient to contemporary music, in his twofold role of an organist and a pianist, and as a soloist or in the framework of chamber musicIn 2012 he took his diploma with maximum marks in piano under Professor Limongelli and in organ under Maestro Giovanni Mazza at the Music Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan. A brilliant student in his own Conservatory, he was awarded a variety of prizes in his own academy, among which: the Forziati Prize (2007), second place for the Lina Bodini Prize (2011) and first place on an equal footing for the Rancati Prize (2011) in chamber music, in a duo with flautist Giorgio Consolati.

He took part in the bicentennial of the birth of Schumann and Chopin (2010) and of Liszt (2011) organized by the Milan Music Conservatory in co-operation with TvSat 2000. He continued his studies in Vienna, obtaining the qualification of Master of Art in piano (2012-2015) at the Musik und Kunst Privat Universität Wien, concluding in September. He also got the title of Magister ad Artium (2012-2016) in organ at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst under the guidance of Maestro Pier Damiano Peretti, with a final dissertation on an elaborate repertoire for saxophone and organ. He devotes himself actively to contemporary music, either as a soloist and in ensemble, and carries out first performances of pieces dedicated specifically to him. He took part in the world competition “Jugend musiziert”, and was first prize winner in a duo with flautist Alessandro Baticci in the “Contemporary Music” category (2008) and special prize (Sonderpreis des Deutschen Musikverlag-Verbandes) for the best performance of a piece composed by the performer (Sonata SIRIUS for Flute Piano prepared Mimica and Electronic tape by Alessandro Baticci 2007). In 2011 and 2012 he cooperated with the contemporary music laboratory of the Milan Music Conservatory “G. Verdi” under the guidance of Maestro Bonifacio, where some portraits of Italian composers such as Riccardo Malipiero (2011) and Niccolò Castiglioni (2012) were realized, in cooperation with Radio 3. In 2012 he took part in the performance of the second Symphony for 21 pianos by Daniele Lombardi. He was first prize winner at the competition “Città di Treviso” in the category Contemporary Music (2011) as a soloist, getting the highest result in his category (2011 e 2015). In 2013 he played in an Ensemble directed by Marino Formenti in the framework of the project “Kons goes Marino’s Party” at the Konzerthaus
in Vienna. In 2015 he performed with the Ensemble PHACE at the Konzerthaus in Vienna on the occasion of the opening concert of the music season. In 2015 he cooperated with the Ensemble The Black Page Orchestra performing several première at he Unsafe+Sounds festival. He is presently attending PPCM (Performance Practice in Contemporary Music) for contemporary music at the Kunst Universität Graz. The project Klangforum Wien was set up in 2009 as an opportunity for young musicians to get trained and specialised in the soloistic, chamber- and ensemblerepertoire of the XX-XXI centuries.

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VERTIGO (2017)
Konzertstück für Tenor-, Alt-,
Sopransaxophon (1 Spieler)
und Orgel. (Dem Sargas Duo gewidmet)
PAUL CRESTON (1906-1985):
op. 108 a for Eb Alto Saxophone and Organ
STEME (2015)
für Alt-, Sopran-, Tenorsaxophon (1Spieler)
und Orgel (Dem Sargas Duo gewidmet)
HENRI SAUGUET (1901-1989):
our divers saxophones et orgue
pour saxophone alto et orgue
for soprano saxophone and organ
(Dem Sargas Duo gewidmet)

Concerto für Oboe und Streicher in C-Dur

John Barbirolli (1899-1970)
Concerto in F-Dur für Oboe
und Streichorchester
Concerto in d-Moll für Oboe
und Streichorchester
Concerto in g-Moll op. 9 n 8
für Oboe und Orchester

Concerto IX dai 24 concerti del manoscritto
di Napoli (1725) für Flöte,
zwei Geigen und Continuo
Concerto in a-Moll RV461

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