Luca Lavuri and Massimiliano Girardi
Sargas duo
“Everything this young musicians offer is characterized by deep commitment, virtuosity and seriousness… real gems of recent and contemporary music, some of them are been composed expressly for this duo.” P.D. Peretti


Established in Vienna, the city of music, the Sargas Duo with Massimiliano Gi­rardi on the saxophones and Luca Lavuri on the organ, represents a special and at the same time interesting duo. The Sargas Duo combines two different instruments, which have had two different develop­ments in different historical contexts and eras.

On the one hand, the organ – a no­ble instrument, mainly used in the classical and holy music. On the other hand, the sa­xophone – an instrument mainly used and known in the jazz and popular music, whi­ch gained a lot of fame in the Jazz clubs of New Orleans thanks to the greatest Jazz players, but still remains rather not so well appreciated and recognized in the classical and chamber music world. Starting from this historical basis, the Sargas Duo deci­ded to work on an interesting and beau­tiful project: to mix the warm and sensual sound of the saxophone with the one of the organ which is at the same time sweet and grandiose, but undoubtedly elegant.

sargas duo - audio
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